If you have been charged with assault it is important to get the right legal advice.

An assault can include a variety of different physical contact, such as punching, kicking or slapping. The law even recognises an assault where physical contact has not taken place. Technically, the law recognises an assault occurs were person fears the immediate apprehension of violence. The act of making someone afraid of physical contact, is itself enough to constitute an assault at law.

It is important to get the right legal advice in your matter. There can often be a number of defences to a charge of assault.

A common defence that is raised is self defence. A person is not criminally liable for assault when that person has undertaken the physical action in an attempt to defend themselves, their property, or another person. To successfully raise self defence the court needs to consider the threat as perceived by the person defending themselves. The court also needs to take into account whether or not the action in self defence was a reasonable response to the circumstances perceived by the defendant.

There are different categories of assault depending on whether injuries were caused to the victim. If there were no injuries, then often the police will lay a charge of Common Assault. If minor injuries are sustained, then a person may be charged with Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm. An offence of Recklessly causing Grievous Bodily Harm is often prosecuted in cases involving very serious injuries.

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