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The Dangers of  a Cheap Will

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The Dangers of a Cheap Will

A cheap will may not be worth the paper it is written on. With the make up of families becoming more complicated, a simple Will may often may be ineffective in giving effect to a deceased person’s last wishes. The notion of a “family unit” is ever evolving in society. The number of marriages ending


When Is Self Defence, Not Self Defence

It is a legal defence to a criminal offence, like assault, if at the time of the offence the person was acting in self defence. The law states that a  person is not criminally responsible for an offence if the person carries out the conduct constituting the offence in self-defence. In order to successfully raise self defence in a criminal trial, a person must


How To Get A Divorce

Applying for a Divorce in Australia does not have to be a complicated process. Divorce Applications are heard in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia which has jurisdiction to deal with the dissolution of marriage, that is making a Divorce Order. The first step in obtaining a Divorce Order is to complete and file a


Staying Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

The Holiday season often also means extra police patrolling our roads. While it’s incredibly important that we are all stay safe over the holidays, the increased number of police patrolling New South Wales roads also leads to increase in the number of drink driving offences being detected. Being charged with a drink-driving offence can have